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A Systematic Approach to Kick-Starting Businesses.
By Providing an Evolving Framework to Enhance the Success Rate, and Excution Speed to Business Leaders.
This tool aims to Accelerate the Achievement of the Economic Diversity Vision of Saudi Arabia

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A Digital Toolset For Dental Patients.
By Remodling the Dentist-Patient Dynamic, in a way that Removes Bad Systematic Incentives.
This toolset aims to Facilitate Patient Autonomy and Increase Dental Quality.

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A Digital Transformation Tool.
By Providing a Digital Infrastructure for Small and Medium Enterprises. And A Rigorous Digital Growth Plan.
This Tool aims to Increase the Success Rate of Digital Transformation.

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An Educational Framework.
By Fragmenting And Sorting Cumulative Subjects In Academia. And Presenting the Material In a Digestible Format
This Framework aims to Enhance the Academic Process.

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